From left to right: Californian, French, German...

Make surf, not war !

Surf, surf and... surf !
Climbing Mount Whitney (4.500 m) on its North-East side.

Check the Videos webpage for a film.

Back late at night from Mount Whitney in March 2003.

Nath : "Can't remember where we parked the car !"

Easy backcountry skiing in the small mountains of the San Bernardino range, east of Los Angeles.
Imagine : in Southern California you can be on this picture in the morning and on the next picture in the afternoon !
Surf is lots of waiting, like here in Cardiff...
... but when the wave is coming ...!
Trekking in the wilderness of Yosemite National Park (around 3000m).
'Barbecue' is originally a French word, but it is definitely an American icon. (here, around a campfire in Yosemite).
Right on the starting line a few seconds before start in one of the multiple San Diego bay regata...
... with the skyline in the background.
Light and shade aboard 'French Bred'.
Coming back with the spi on 'Pegasus', a 46-foot Beneteau.
Light and shade...
Toward Coronado bridge.
Find the strange boat on this picture !

( For more, check Crazy, no ? webpage)

Aboard 'Maleficent'...
Diving around Little Coronado Islands (Mexico) to play with sea lions and seals.
Back from the Little Coronados (behind) to San Diego on a cold day.