Central Asia



Travelling in Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan in June, July and August 2004.

The goal of this trip was to collect new populations of a plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) for my research institute (INRA). Check the results on my science website.

  Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the land where kids learn to ride a horse in the green pastures before they can walk...


  ... also, land of the sheep and of so many carpets that you have to put some on the walls.  


  June, 2500m : flowering times around some old Kyrgyz graves.


  Mare milking; once in the mountain, no way to avoid the drink it gives: 'Koumys' (Kyrgyzstan)  


  Yurt on the jailoo (pastures) around lake Son-Kul (3500m, Kyrgyzstan)


  The key-part of a yurt is called the Tunduk and is represented on the Kyrgyz flag, symbolizing the importance of the nomadic life for this people.  


  Besh Tash alpine valley (Kyrgyzstan)


  Life under a yurt around lake Son-Kul (Kyrgyzstan)  


  The sun is back after several days of inondations and road-cuts on the Pamir Highway (Tadjikistan, Rushan valley)


  Horse-riding around lake Son Kul basin (Kyrgyzstan)  


  Shokhdara valley entrance, where an Arabidopsis population called 'Shahdara' was collected - for those who know (Tadjikistan, 2500m)


  From the Shokhdara valley, a view on the Karl Marx peak, almost 7000m close to the Afghan border (Tadjikistan)  


  The Shokhdara river and its suspended bridges (Tadjikistan)


  Shokhdara river springs are at 5000m (Tadjikistan)  


  Campfire with Nazgul and Almaz (Jergalan valley, Kyrgyzstan)


  Trout-farming on the Pamir high-plateau of Tadjikistan; Murghab region.  


  Bishkek, a still soviet-style city for Kyrgyzstan


  After the storm in the Enylchek valley (Kyrgyzstan, 4200m)  


  Welcome to Nazgul's apartment in Bishkek. Note that despite the nice table and chairs in the room, we are eating on a carpet on the floor, like in a yurt (Kyrgyzstan)


  Above 3500m, yacks replace cows and sheeps (Kyrgyzstan)  


  Body-board on the mountain lake 'Issyk-Kul' after a night-storm had passed (Kyrgyzstan, 1700m)


  Issyk-Kul lake: a mediterrannean atmosphere in the middle of this region far away from any ocean (Kyrgyzstan, 1700m)  


  Kyrgyz muslims cemetery


  Babouchka working the wool (Kyrgyzstan)  


  Left-over of the russian army retreated from Afghanistan, they are now used as toys for the Tadjik kids (Tadjikistan, close to the Afghan border).


  Tash-Rabat caravanserail, an important stop on the silk road, a few kilometers from the Chinese border (Kyrgyzstan, 3200m)  


  Hore riding from At-Bashy to the Ak-Saļ Pass (Kyrgyzstan)


  Yacks in Tash-Rabat valley (Kyrgyzstan, 3200m)  


  'If you only have one day left to leave, spend half of it on a horse', a Kyrgyz sayings that this 1-year and 9-months old boy is taking already very seriously (Kyrgyzstan)


  At-Bashy's sunday market: an apricots seller (Kyrgyzstan)