Island-hopping in Hawaii (Oahu, Kauaii and Big Island) : in December 2003 - January 2004

Surfing in Hawaii in winter is not for beginners. Here, at Pipeline (on a quiet day) a professionnal surfer breaks his board (North shore - Oahu)


Tropical atmosphere on Big Island.


Smile ! (Big Island)


Na Pali, 12 h hiking on a Christmas day for... that ! (Kauaï)


Active volcano in Volcanoes National Park - South of Big Island.


Fluid lava flow from April 2003 (Big Island)


Sunset Beach, Oahu' North Shore.


Resting on the lava bed (Big Island)


Na Pali, alone...


... facing Kauaii west waves. This one travelled 4.000 Km to die here (that's what she told us)


'Grand Canyon' of the Pacific, Waimea (Kauaii)


Used to that in Guadeloupe... but this is Hawaï (Big Island)


Bye Bye !